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Simple replacement, wherever you are. Fast delivery in 1 working day in major cities. No substitution constraints, no matter what happens. Dedicated support: Call center and website designed for you. For more information, click here.

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Register with your data

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You can choose whether to replace your smartphone with the same model or with a similar model.

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Answer some questions and help us to manage the delivery of your smarthpone

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Shipping details

Choose your home or business address where the courier can find you (you will have to be present on pickup).

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Payment Details

Enter your credit card details and pay a switch fee.

Choose your favorite option

All useful information for you

Q1: How does Smartphone Reload work?

Except in case of theft or loss, Smartphone Reload allows you to quickly switch your smartphone with the same model or another similar available in the same price range from our selection, whenever you want and for whatever reason. The service must be activated at the time of the instalment purchase of a Smartphone in any Windtre store. For info on prices and Smartphone models sold with Smarthone Reload, go to a Windtre store.

Q2: How often can I request a switch?

You can request 2 switches every 12 rolling months. The period of validity is 24 months, during this period you can request up to 4 switches (2 every 12 months).

Q3: What devices can be covered and how much does it cost?

For more information on pricing details and devices sold in instalments, please go to any Windtre store.

Q4: What is the difference between "Like-for-Identical", "Like-for-Like" and "Like-for-Similar"?


We will switch your smartphone with one of the same brand, model, color and memory. In case it is not available, please contact our Customer Service.


We will switch your mobile device with one of the same brand, model and memory, but of a different color.


Do you want to change your smartphone? Pick your favorite model from those available in our offer range.

Brand, model and color selection is subject to availability.

Q5: Now that I've chosen my new handset what exactly do I have to do to make a switch?

Check if the ID number (IMEI) shown in our system matches the one of the smartphone you want to replace. Turn the "Find my iPhone" function off from your iOS device or delete your Google account from your Android device. Pay the switch fee. Enter the delivery address. (DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR DATA AND REMOVE YOUR SIM, MEMORY CARD OR ANY OTHER ACCESSORY) Once the courier has arrived, you will have to show him your ID documents and hand your old smartphone over; give him a copy of your ID documents (after having turned off all smartphone's functions and your data deleted) and take the replacement device over.

Q6: How do I pay the service request fee? How is this calculated?

You can pay the switch fee using the payment methods available on the website or specified by our Call Centre. The fee due for the switch is indicated on your contract and depends on the price range of the device purchased in a Windtre shop. For more information, please click here.

Q7: When can I expect my new device to arrive?

Your replacement smartphone will be delivered to your address on the next working day following your request, if your ZIP code is included in the major Italian cities (Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Bologna and Bari). For the rest of Italy, the delivery will take one or more additional working days.

Q8: What happens to my smartphone original warranty should I replace it?

In case of switch of a 'Like-for-Identical' and 'Like-for-Like' model with an Android operating system, any original manufacturer warranty available on your smartphone will be transferred to your replacement device.

In case of switch with a 'Like-for-Like' iOS model and with a 'Like-for-Similar' model, any original manufacturer's commercial warranty will no longer be valid and you shall refer to the service warranty applicable to the replacement smartphone (please refer to Terms and Conditions for details on compliance and repair warranties offered).

Q9: How will the replacement smartphone arrive?

You will receive a customized package with a welcome letter, where you can find every info about this service and the steps you must follow to restore your data.

Q10: At the time of my switch request, I don't find my current smartphone linked to my Windtre number. What can I do?

Call our Customer Service at 800 16 80 32

Q11: What is the IMEI code?

It is a number used to identify your smartphone. You can find it in phone's setting or on the original box. If you bought your device in a store, the IMEI code will be the same.

Q12: Which devices can benefit of Smartphone Reload?

For more information on pricing details and device models which can be sold on instalments, please go to any Windtre store.