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Simple replacement, wherever you are. Fast delivery in 1 working day in major cities. No substitution constraints, no matter what happens. Dedicated support: Call center and website designed for you. For more information, click here.

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Q1: How do Smartphone Reload and Reload Plus work?

Smartphone Reload has a minimum duration of 24 months and allows you to:
  • replace your Smartphone whatever happens, except in case of theft or loss, with the same or a similar one among those available within the same price range;
  • carry out, for the whole period, up to 4 replacements (max 2 for every 12 months).
Smartphone Reload Plus has a minimum duration of 30 months, includes all the advantages of Reload and in addition allows you to:
  • carry out, for the whole period, up to 5 replacements (max 2 for every 12 months);
  • change your Smartphone every year with the latest model just released at no extra cost.
The service Smartphone Reload Plus must be activated at the same time as purchasing a Smartphone by instalments. For more info on prices, conditions and models of Smartphones that can be sold with Reload and Reload Plus Smartphones go to a WINDTRE shop or visit the dedicated web page on

Q2: How does the Smartphone Change work?

Option available exclusively with Smartphone Reload Plus. You can change your Smartphone with a new generation one once within 30 months, starting from the 13th month after activation and up to the 29th month, at no additional cost. The exchange is only possible by going to a WINDTRE shop: deliver your old Smartphone without paying the instalments left and at the same time sign a new 30-month contract for the new model you have chosen. You will be able to use the exchange service again after 12 months. An advance payment on the new Smartphone could be provided according to the current price list. For full details on Change please visit

Q3: I have chosen the Smartphone I would like, now what should I do to make the replacement?

Check if the IMEI of the Smartphone that appears on our system corresponds to the IMEI of your Smartphone you want to replace or, if requested, provide it during the request for replacement. Deactivate the "find my iPhone" function on your iOS device or delete the Google account on your Android device. Pay the replacement cost. Enter your shipping address. (DO NOT FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR DATA AND REMOVE SIM, MEMORY CARD AND ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES) When the courier arrives, you will need to show them your ID card, give them a copy, hand over your Smartphone (with all functions disabled and content deleted) and take delivery of the replacement one.

Q4: Replacement: What is the difference between "Like-for-Identical", "Like-for-Like" and "Like-for-Similar"?


We will replace your Smartphone with an identical one: of the same brand, model, colour and memory capacity. If it is not available, you can contact our customer service to ask for availability.


We will replace your Smartphone with one of the same brand, model, memory capacity but different colour.


Choose the model you prefer among those available in the selection offered.

Brands, Models and colours are subject to availability.

Q5: What is the IMEI?

It is a unique number associated with your Smartphone that identifies it. You can find it in your device settings or on the original box. If the device is the same as the one you bought in the shop, then the IMEI number will be the same.

Q6: How can I pay for the replacement service? How much is it?

You can pay for the replacement service using the payment methods available on the website or communicated by our call centre. The replacement cost is indicated on your contract and depends on the price range of your phone purchased from the WINDTRE shop. For more information click here.

Q7: How and when will the Replacement Smartphone arrive?

The replacement phone will be delivered to you the working day after your request, if the postcode is included in the main Italian cities (Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Bologna and Bari), while for the rest of Italy it will take one or more working days. You will receive a personalized package with a welcome letter, where you will find all the information about the service and the steps required to restore your data.

Q8: What happens to my phone's warranty when I make a replacement?

All devices will be covered with a 24-months warranty at the time of Switch covering any lack of conformity (not fit for use according to the functional characteristics of production) as specified in the terms and conditions.

Q9: When requesting the service, I cannot find my current Smartphone associated with my WINDTRE number. What can I do?

Contact our customer service at 800 16 80 32

Q10: What happens if I terminate the contract with WINDTRE?

In case of early termination:

with Smartphone Reload: The service will be suspended and may be deactivated if you are not in compliance with the payment of the costs related to the service, or for other reasons indicated in the terms and conditions. In any case, you will be required to pay all the monthly instalments due in one instalment and you can continue to request replacements by paying the relevant costs according to the price range of the Smartphone;

with Smartphone Reload Plus: The service will be suspended and may be deactivated if you are not in good standing with the payment of the costs related to the service or for other reasons indicated in the terms and conditions. You will be required to pay in any case all the monthly instalments due in one instalment. You will no longer be able to use the Smartphone Change, but you can continue to request replacements by paying the cost of the service.